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Bridge insulation buying tips

TIME:[2016-04-14 20:03:47]

With the technical level of the society more and more advanced, more and more types of profiles, the broken bridge insulation is a new profile, many manufacturers started to do this profile, the lower Xinchang is for everyone to introduce how to choose high quality heat insulation break bridge.
Welding properties: most of the welding of the profile is no problem, is designed for the welding of the design. Hardness: many customers are very concerned about the purchase, hardness of the first choice with the alloy chemical composition has a direct relationship. Decorative performance: profile application in decoration or some special occasions, anodic oxidation of the surface, coating processing, in order to obtain the corresponding color and surface structure when the decorative should be focused on, generally speaking, the material with excellent corrosion resistance, the positive pole processing performance, surface processing performance, the coating performance are very good. Corrosion resistance: corrosion resistance, including chemical corrosion, stress corrosion resistance and other properties. Machining performance and cutting performance of machining performance. Intensity: intensity is an important factor that should be taken into account in the design of the products, it is the bridge section component as a component, should choose appropriate alloy under the pressure brought to bear on the.