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What is the bridge insulation performance characteristics

TIME:[2016-04-14 19:59:58]

For bridge insulation material from the insulation performance and sealing performance, the energy saving Aluminum Alloy window is leading the fashion model. Double strip process using this profile, with reinforced nylon isolates aluminum window frame inside and outside to inside and outside the vast energy exchange.
Heat insulation break bridge is in the aluminum alloy windows based in order to improve the insulation performance of windows and doors and the introduction of improved, through reinforced nylon spacer bars will be aluminum alloy profile points for the inner part and the outer part of the barrier aluminum heat conduction. Enhance the quality of nylon material and strip directly affects the durability of the bridge insulation Aluminum Alloy window.
Heat insulation break bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows of the utility model has the advantages of high strength, good thermal insulation, good rigidity, fire resistance and good, large lighting area, the atmospheric corrosion resistance is good, high performance using long service life, good decorative effect, using the high-end of the broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles across the, high-grade building window selection of products.
The wall thickness of aluminum alloy is very critical, the general windows at least 1.2 mm or more, high-grade energy-saving aluminum window wall thickness can reach 1.8 ~ 2.0mm, make the winter more warm, more energy saving in summer. When it comes to the price of aluminum alloy window, there are seven or eight high-end brands on the market, the price of 1000 yuan or more, mid-range brand price in 800 yuan to 900 yuan, while the price of low-grade products in five hundred or six hundred yuan.