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Bridge insulation price is mainly affected by what factors

TIME:[2016-04-14 19:59:03]

Bridge insulation than ordinary Aluminum Alloy profiles have more excellent performance. The broken bridge aluminum is the aluminum alloy disconnected from the middle, made of hard plastic will disconnect the aluminum alloy are connected into a whole, conductive plastics is significantly slower than the metal, so the heat is not easy to through the whole material, thermal insulation properties of materials also changed for the better, so it is now currently on the market very smooth pin a building materials, then this building is the main price is received which factors influence? Here with the small make up to look at it:
1, waterproof cost: the broken bridge insulation sealed pressure seal, the issuance of the bubble gum, glass sealant, sealant etc., the sealing process of the cost is probably 20 yuan / square meters, artificial cost: the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows production fee is 25 yuan / square meters, the broken bridge aluminum window and door price ex factory price in 365 yuan per square meter. This does not include the installation of artificial, freight and other factors.
2, hardware: hardware as heat insulation break bridge the price in addition to the profile, the second impact factor, the broken bridge insulation is high-grade doors and windows products, consumers are willing to configure high-grade imported metal pieces, a German roto, Germany Sijiliya brand, including the casement hardware peace opened on the hanging hardware, imported by flat open hardware ex factory price of 260 yuan a set, the upper suspending took the price also in 440 yuan a set, the specific follow the window, a window can be added to a set of hardware and a hidden screen window.